The early beginnings of Bethany Baptist Church Cubao may be traced to a bible study ministry led by Bro. Recaredo G. Jayona in Planas Site, Cubao, Quezon City. Brother Recaredo was one of the first workers sent out by Bethany Baptist Church in Makati City. When the Bible study ministry in Planas continues to grow, it later transferred to its present location at No. 91 C. Benitez St., Cubao. It was organized and established as a local church in 1965.


Under the able leadership of Rev. Recaredo G. Jayona and through God’s perfect guidance and abundant blessings, Bethany Baptist Church Cubao kept on increasing in number. Some of its members have undergone theological education and ministry training in a Bible school in Makati City and this helped in the further growth of the church.


When Rev. Recaredo G. Jayona went home to the Lord in 1995, Bro. Eviess J.S.A. Acorda took over the leadership of the church as pastor. In 2000, he took a leave and, in his absence, Bro. Luzanto Mordeno and his son, Bro. Crispin Mordeno, took turns serving as pastors. In 2002, Rev. Acorda returned and resumed serving the church as its pastor until the present time. Bethany Cubao is also supported by board of deacons consist primarily of 5 married men elected by the church members every year.

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